After immigrating as a child from the Soviet Union to America, Slavic grew an admiration for music. In particular, with the technical side of the sound and frequencies.
Ken Lewis produces music! And has been credited with 19 Grammy Winners and 101 Gold and Platinum records! As you may have expected after reading that, he has worked with some big names in the industry; Eminem, Ariana Grande, Drake, Taylor Swift, One Republic, BTS, Jay Z, and Wu-Tang Clan (to name a few).
Martyn Clark has worked with senior executives, across many of the largest corporations. What he saw was a harsh reality: that the legal foundations of our organizations are riddled with greed and self-interest, and as a result, these organizations often neglect the needs of employees and people.
Hasan Oswald quit his teaching job, bought a camera, and went solo to one of America's most dangerous cities; Camden, New Jersey. In this city, he became the Director, Producer, and Filmer of the now-famous documentary Higher Love. Higher Love received a 100% on rotten tomatoes, a 9.3/10 IMDB rating, and countless film festival awards.
Thanks to digital art we can create some of the most realistic and creative work to date. Colors can be composed exactly how the user wants, and the world you imagine can look as real as the world we're in.
Dr. Juan Bartolomei is a spine neurosurgeon at Yale, and in 2013 he was named one of "US News and World Report's Top Doctors". Dr. Bartolomei has a passion for what he does and believes surgery should be a last resort and not a first option.
Today's guest is Don Grant; a professional voice actor whose work has even appeared in Super Bowl commercials. There's a lot to discuss in the profession of voice acting, from the technical to the historical.
Christina Hoag has a long history in the world of Journalism. While traveling the world, she ended up living in Venezuela and was lucky enough to become one of the few journalists present during the 2002 Venezuelan coup.