Do you ever feel scammed when purchasing tickets to a live event? Companies like Ticketmaster, StubHub, TicketNetwork, and others are being used to trick customers into buying higher ticket prices with added-on fees. Some companies are even using entirely fake websites to trick fans into thinking they're buying tickets from the official venue, when...

35) China

Edi Obiakpani joined me for this episode. She has a Ph.D. in Chinese and History, has lived in China for 7 years, and has her own podcast dedicated to China called Sinobabble. As one would expect, Edi came on the show to talk about everything "China". We discussed the Hong Kong protests, the countries culture, politics, history, U.S. China...

34) Flat Earth

David Weiss hosts The Flat Earth Podcast and is one of the leading advocates for the flat earth theory. He tells me how and why we have been lied to and led to believe the earth is a globe. In this episode, I sat down with him to try to understand everything that is flat earth.
The notorious first hacker sent to prison in Uruguay, Alberto Daniel Hill, sat down with me to explain his innocence.
If someone walked into a hospital on crutches to receive treatment for a broken foot, the hospital would treat the broken foot, not take away the crutch. Dr. Adi Jaffe, a mental health, addiction, and stigma professional uses this analogy to describe how America views and treats addiction.
Let's get political! I talked with the hosts of the "Green and Red Podcast"; Professor Robert Buzzanco and Activist Scott Parkin.
This episode is dedicated to plastic and its effects on the environment. I sat down with Alexis Goldsmith: National Organizing Director for Beyond Plastic.
Helen Redmond went to six countries to create "Liquid Handcuffs: A Documentary to Free Methadone". She created this film to address the struggles many people face when trying to get the medication they need; Methadone.