92) Tap Water w/ Manny Teodoro


A growing number of Americans don't trust drinking our tap water. Manny Teodoro came on the show to discuss this phenominon.

Bio: My research stands at the nexus of politics, public policy, and public management. I work mainly on American environmental policy design, evaluation, and implementation. This line of research includes explorations of public vs. private utility management, and regulatory implementation as a matter of environmental justice. On the public management side, my work emphasizes professional labor markets as and predictors of innovation and organizational performance. My book https://www.press.jhu.edu/books/title/10499/bureaucratic-ambition 2011 book

(Johns Hopkins University Press), argues that career concerns shape organizational innovation and democratic governance. My 2022 book The Profits of Distrust (with Samantha Zuhlke & David Switzer, Cambridge University Press) links the meteoric rise of the commercial drinking water industry to distrust in government and a broader withdrawal from civic life.