86) History of Body Transplants


How did an architect help pioneer blood transfusion in the 1660s? Why did eighteenth-century dentists buy the live teeth of poor children? And what role did a sausage skin and an enamel bath play in making kidney transplants a reality?

In today's episode, I talked with Dr. Paul Craddock about the history of body transplants. We think of transplant surgery as one of the medical wonders of the modern world. But transplant surgery is as ancient as the pyramids, with a history more surprising than we might expect.

Shortened Bio: Dr Paul Craddock is a cultural historian and author based in London. He is a Science Museum Group Senior Research Associate (SMGSRA) and an Honorary Senior Research Associate of UCL's Division of Surgery. He teaches 1st Year module Video Production for Mobile Devices on the Imperial Horizons Programme.