103) Femina w/ Dr. Jenina Ramirez

Today's episode was a great chat with Dr. Jenina Ramirez, about her just recently released book "Femina: A New History of the Middle Ages, through the Women Written Out of it."

Bio: I'm a cultural historian, broadcaster and author based at the University of Oxford with a passion for communicating ideas about the past. As a lecturer and course director, I want to share ideas, information and inspiration with every student. And also open up the subject to anyone and everyone who cares to listen, through the wide reach of television, radio, publications and new media.
My research began with a degree in English literature at Oxford, followed by an MA and PhD at the Centre for Medieval Studies in York on the art, literature and culture of Anglo-Saxon England. But my interests have constantly branched outwards in all directions as I have taught more broadly on everything from classical architecture to the work of Tracey Emin.
Broadcasting has allowed me to see narrative threads stretching across time and disciplines, and to find shared human concerns, themes, problems and innovations throughout time.

I've lived, researched, broadcasted and published through a period of great change – the Digital Revolution – where traditional modes of communication are being replaced by new ways of interacting with audiences worldwide. I'm dedicated to embracing ideas, opportunities and advances, moving with the fast flow of modern thought.
There's one word that has appeared in every school and university report I've ever had: 'enthusiastic'. I want to share this enthusiasm.