Putting Together Blogs Page

Steps when making a post

  1. Click area around blog post below
  2. Click add a blog post
  3. Title it (what you title it will be in the website link, for example "history of turkey" is podcasttheway.com/news/history-of-turkey, it can be change after if you'd like by clicking manage posts and blog SEO settings)
  4. Copy paste format etc.
  5. Include an image anywhere (+ tab) so it shows up on the cover below, and change the background color to whatever you'd like (slightly greyer white looks fine too)
  6. Come back to this page and go to "steps when done" to finish

Steps when done

  1. Add an image somewhere in the article if possible so it shows on the cover below + color background
  2. Click space around blog post below
  3. Manage Post
  4. Move
  5. Category -> The Way Newspaper
  6. Publish when done

                - Blog organizes itself by order of date

If looking for tips there's more below blog section

More Options/Notes

  • Move mouse around to see little plus image to add stuff
  • Top right has settings tab which will change background
  • Black plus at bottom of page adds a new page below (gives more options, you can drag onto current page too)
  • Below I added a few adding page examples
  • Add as much of your name/links/credits as you'd like!


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