29) Waiting for Methadone


Helen Redmond went to six countries to create "Liquid Handcuffs: A Documentary to Free Methadone". She created this film to address the struggles many people face when trying to get the medication they need; Methadone. 

Methadone is, to put it simply, a medication used to treat patients battling addiction by reducing the pleasure experienced from taking opioids, heroin, or other addictive drugs. This severely reduces the urge to take whatever the addictive drug is. With less of an urge to take addictive drugs, it's no wonder why the number of people overdosing and addiction rates fall by nearly half in locations it's accessible. Yet, there are so many obstacles for patients to jump through in order to get their treatment. In this episode, we discussed everything related to Methadone, from what it is, to its impact, to how we can improve its accessibility.