65) Russian Censorship


Alexey Kovalyov has been a journalist pretty much his whole life. As a writer in Russia, Alaexey's focus is about bringing real news to the people of the country. What makes this such a challenge you ask? Russia's government has the power to claim any person and/or newspaper, a foreign agent at will. Any Friday, you can see a new list of who has been labeled the latest enemy, for any reason they deem necessary. One of Kovalyov's own newspaper companies, Meduza, was one of many to fall victim to this. After losing 90% revenue Meduza was able to survive, however many others aren't/weren't as fortunate.

Bio: Aside from a very brief and failed stint as a bartender, Alexey Kovalev has never worked outside journalism, starting as a novice reporter on the metro beat at a now defunct local daily in Moscow and progressing through the ranks to the editor in chief of one of Russia's most popular news websites. In 2015 he founded an independent propaganda-busting and investigative journalism website called The Noodle Remover - a play on a popular Russian expression "to put noodles on someone's ears," meaning to lie.

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