68) KGB Illegals


Did you know Russia likely has more sleeper agents in America today than during the cold war? I was glad to welcome Filip Kovacevic on today's show to talk illegal KGB agents. Where are they? What is their goal? And what is life like for one of these agents?

Bio: Filip Kovacevic is an adjunct professor in the Departments of Politics and International Studies. As a Montenegrin author, social justice activist, and geopolitical analyst, Prof. Kovacevic has lectured and taught across Europe, the Balkans, the former USSR, and the U.S., including two years at Smolny College, the first liberal arts college in Russia, operating under the auspices of St. Petersburg State University. He received fellowships from the Open Society Institute and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Prof. Kovacevic is a board member of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE).

Prof. Kovacevic specializes in Russian and Eurasian intelligence history and spy fiction and his current research includes the publications of Soviet and Russian intelligence authors and historians. He is also involved in the analytic study and translation of documents from the KGB archives.