21) In The Venezuelen Coup (2002)


Christina Hoag has a long history in the world of Journalism. While traveling the world, she ended up living in Venezuela and was lucky enough to become one of the few journalists present during the 2002 Venezuelan coup. 

This is especially unique when you realize the airports were closed down during this less than a week ordeal. Chavez was temporarily overthrown and this reporter has the inside scoop of what actually happened in Venezuela leading up to this event.

*Footnote from Christina: "I misstated the year of Hugo Chavez's death in the podcast. I checked afterward and he died in 2013."

**Footnote from a listener: It was never officially confirmed what side the snipers were a part of.

Christina Hoag website - www.christinahoag.com

Trump-Chavez article mentioned - https://medium.com/illumination/8-parallels-between-trump-ch%C3%A1vez-668c6bef1126