Episode list

                     Episodes              (Explicit*)

33) The Hatless Hacker

-Story of Uruguay's first hacker prisoner

32) Looking at Addiction

-Changing how we treat addiction

31) Turning Left

-Left-Wing Politics

30) Plastic Everywhere

-Dangers of Plastic

29) Waiting for Methadone

-Methadone laws and effects

28) Listening to the Frequencies

-Music and Audio Engineering

27) Inside the Studio*

-Music Production

26) Changing the Corporate Ladder

-Rethinking how corporations operate

25) Higher Love

-Documentary creator on drug addiction

24) A Digital View

-Digital art

23) Standing Straight

-The Spine

22) The Voiceover

-Professional voice acting

21) In the Venezuelan Coup (2002)

-The 2002 Venezuelan Coup

20) MS-13 on 18th Street

-MS-13 and 18th street gang violence

19) Men Walking Hungry

-Men's eating disorders

18)  Visual Effects

-Film SFX and virtual reality

17) Following a Kilo

-Cocaines production/expedition from El Salvador

16) Existential Highway


15) What the Costumes Say

-Movie design motives

14) Standing Still


13) Bishop F5 to H3


12) Death Row

-Death row and prison

11) Sex Worker Avenue*

-Sex work

10) An Ugly View

-Ugly art

9) Left vs Right Economics

-Left and right wing economic policies

8) Need for Speed Pink vs Blue Cars

-Gender differences in video games

7) Left: Spanish Flu; Right: COVID-19

-Comparing Spanish Flu to COVID-19

6) Turning to Hemp

-Hemp and cannabis

5) D.U.P.I. (Driving Under Porn's Influence)*

-Porn Addiction

4) Signs of Autism


3) A Trip to Russia*


2) Acid Roads*

-Acid/LSD and similar drugs

1) Detours Around Super Tuesday*

-Democratic primaries after super Tuesday